On the 6th, WiseMGlobal, which is dedicated to the technology development of SymVerse, has completed the development of ‘SCT (Symverse Contract Template) 50 & 51’, a voting protocol based on the SymVerse Mainnet.

The voting contract (blockchain contract) consists of the SCT50, which is responsible for managing voting as a voting contract, and SCT51, which handles actual voting as a poll contract.

“We will be able to complement the fairness and reliability issues of the existing centralized voting system with the blockchain-based SymVerse voting protocol,” said CEO of SymVerse and WiseMGlobal CTO Choi Soo-hyuk.

SymVerse emphasized that the voting system could be used not only for decisions on the Mainnet’s internal agenda, but also for a wide range of versatile decisions, including political voting.