A blockchain platform company, SymVerse, has been confirmed to list its SYM token on July 25, at DigiFinex Global. It will begin the listing pair with SYM/ETH, but also offer BTC and USDT pairings in the future. SymVerse(SYM) will open up its deposit on 25th Jul, 2019 10:00 (GMT+9). Withdrawal and trading service will begin on 26th Jul, 2019 10:00 (GMT+9).

SymVerse blockchain is based on the heterogeneous blockchain, equipped with a secure and fast functional smart contract. According to the testing of the mainnet token via SymVerse’s proprietary wallet, it clocks in at a mere second for block creation and confirmation to complete and only 2–3 seconds to complete a transaction. This can be regarded as a significant improvement compared to the EOS blockchain (block generation 0.5 sec, block confirmation 169 sec).

In addition, self-sovereign distributed IDs (DIDs), as well as its flexible user management system (also known as CA, Citizen Alliance) make it easier for users to authenticate their identity, streamline registration process, and efficiently control and manage their data when using dApp services.

All these features mentioned above will be available in SymWallet, a non-custodial, self-sovereign blockchain wallet which aims to provide users with fully-integrated services, such as crypto deposits and withdrawals, account recovery, proof of identity, built-in decentralized exchange, and a peer-to-peer dApp service platform. What makes SymWallet secure is that users’ keys aren’t stored on the server; They are connected to and operated directly from the nodes of the network. SymVerse recently opened a beta version for Android app, but the app only allows to send and receive SYM tokens (erc-20) for now. Additional features will be available in the future

DigiFinex is a major exchange with the 5th largest trading volume on CoinMarketCap. It also supports plethora of language support, such as Korean, Chinese and Indonesian as well as English. Although DigiFinex had launched a branch in Korea last April, it appears that SymVerse has decided to list the market in the DigiFinex Global, expressing its strong commitment to advance into the international market.

Latest Information and events regarding the listing, development progress, and news can be found on the SymVerse homepage and social media platforms.